ARAL CHEMICALS is established on 1998 as a consulting and trading company by two research engineers.

On 2000 the company focused on fine chemicals especially organic peroxide initiators and catalysts for the thermplastic industry such as LDPE,PS,PVC and rubbers. Research is started to develope a process for organic initiator production.

On 2005 Aral Chemicals developed its first process for the production of organic peroxide initiators which is used in Turkish petrochemical complex. Aral Chemicals has started its own production plant in Tuzla Istanbul on 2007 and the plant is now producing regularly more then 10 types of special initiators for many petrochemical complexes.

Aral Chemicals has a high ability of R&D and continuously developes new generation products.

As highly motivated company with R&D background and solid present position, ARAL CHEMİCALS has the abilities for products development, in-house production, consistent and timely deliveries and technical support to successfully serve petrochemical producers.

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